How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer?

Choosing a wedding photographer is an essential step in planning your event. More than all the other vendors of the event, he will be responsible for ensuring that this moment is remembered forever. 

Tips: How to choose your wedding photographer

The first step is to know what you want. Search for references, do an intense search for a wedding photo that matches your style and the style of your wedding.

Then go after professionals in the market near you who can meet the demand of this style that you identify yourself. Friends and family who have already gotten married can be a good source of recommendations. But do not stop there: you can find professionals at wedding fairs or other similar events, print and digital publications on the subject, in addition to blogs and websites about weddings.

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If you have a planner, ask if she has any recommendations. Because she is already in the wedding market, she will most of the time already know the right professionals to recommend you. If there is already a partnership between them, it will facilitate the work and communication between the two professionals during the event.

When you find the photographer that matches your style, try to talk to other people with whom he has worked. Inform yourself about the photographer's conduct, compliance with deadlines, and the quality of the work.

The importance of compatibility between grooms and photographer

If what you heard about the professional pleased you, the time has come to schedule a conversation to ask for a quote and get to know him better. In this conversation, it is fundamental that you be yourself and also be frank with the photographer. The more freedom you have with each other, the easier it will be to identify if your personality is compatible. 

This compatibility is essential, as the wedding photographer is someone who will be with you in a very close way on one of the most important days of your life. In a stressed situation, the photographer can be one of the people to help you.  

Similarly, if you don't get along, the weather will not be useful on your wedding day. Besides promoting such a stressful situation, you will certainly not feel comfortable taking pictures, and neither will the photographer have the necessary inspiration to do his job. 

An excellent way to have more intimacy with the professional on the wedding day is doing a pre-marriage essay. After a photo session, he will get to know the couple better, their customs and can use this experience to produce more intimate photos.

Choose your wedding photographer?

Frustrations and expectations

An incredible frustration for brides is to hire the wrong photographer for the wedding. Many even dream of hiring an absolute professional, but they end up opting for another when the time comes to close the contract. The reason may be the lack of availability of the so dreamed photographer, or even financial issues. 

It is necessary to keep in mind that if it is impossible to hire the photographer of dreams, the bride and groom will have to adjust their expectations and feel at peace with the choice. Keeping expectations high, or even expecting a job similar to that of the other professional, is a frustration for sure. Each professional has a unique style. 

If the problem is with the dates, try to be flexible. If the issue is financial, open the game with the photographer to assess the possibility of installments, for example. This way, he will not lose the job, and you will not lose the wedding photography of your dreams.

If it is impossible to hire the professional you would like to hire, have a frank conversation with your photographer's second choice. He has the right to know your expectations because a job that frustrates the engaged can be expensive for the professional.

Single wedding, photos too

Just as each photographer's work is unique, your marriage will also be unique. Asking the photographer for a photo precisely like the one you've seen from another wedding may even yield an excellent click, but you will never get the same result.

Sending references for what you think is attractive to your photographer is cool, but do not expect him to do a similar job. You can give ideas without asking him to copy the work of another professional. Besides being unethical, you will be undermining your photographer's creativity. Trust his job; after all, you chose him. If you're not sure, you better look for another professional.  

Another critical point to ensure that your photographer will be your best choice is to leave all details that appear in the contract. Among them, stipulate a working schedule for the photographer to get out of trouble and maintain the inspiration to take good photos.


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